Palas Metal Panel Multi Touch Screen Monitor, Touchscreen Monitor, India PALAS PCT Multi-Touch Monitors (PM series)
Palas PCT Multi Touch monitors offer fast, accurate and up to 80 finger simultaneous touch. Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Linux, Android, iOS to support gesture actions like flick, pinch and expand, and image rotation.
Unique metal frame monitors for use in harsh environments. Rugged design. Easy mounting through VESA mounts. Smooth, easy-glide surface coating. Anti-glare / anti-reflective is standard on all PMUM displays.

Product Highlights
  • 80 finger multitouch input for 65"; 60 finger input for 37" to 55"; 40 finger input for 27" to 32"; 20 finger input up to 21", 10 finger input up to 17"
  • Ultra fast 12 millisecond touch response
  • Over 16000 touch sensing points for optimal precision
  • Glass front surface for high durability
  • Works with light touch and with gloves
  • Not affected by surface contaminants such as dirt, grease, liquids
  • Enables the next-generation of interactive software applications well beyond two touch expectations
  • Robust hardware platform that can help "future proof" software development
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Anti-friction surface enhances the user experience
  • Palm rejection
  • Rugged: Metal Panel Body is designed for hot, harsh, dusty environments. Extended warranty packs available
  • Easy mounting through VESA mount or side mounting points
  • Can be used inside a kiosk, fixed to a wall or pole, or panel mounted
  • Dimensions do not change over years, making it ideal for OEMs Several colour options and finishes
  • Manufactured by Palas in India