Retail Solution


Take orders at the customer’s seat, and instantly, wirelessly send to the kitchen


  • Increases sales
  • Saves time and staff
  • Wows customers

Take orders from customers who could be:
  • Sitting in a cinema or theatre
  • Sitting at a table in a restaurant
  • Walking in a mall or near a food court
  • Runs on any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device from Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, etc
  • Mobile device can be running any operating System which has Java support
  • Devices can be touch screen based or with keypads

Fine Dining And Self-Service Restaurants
Attractive menus in touch screen podiums, kept outside the restaurant tempt customers to enter. Self-ordering systems encourage customers to try out new offerings by their sheer visual appeal.

Product Catalog Kiosks

  • Simple and easy to use touch screen interface
  • Tamper proof, no keyboard or mouse
  • Intuitive, no computer knowledge is needed
  • Flexible, easy to update information
  • Faster and more accurate than keyboards, and physical buttons
  • Space saving
  • Cheaper than manned enquiry counters
  • Able to deliver information 24x7

Retail Stores

A fun way to showcase the entire product range. To see product details, just zoom in with two fingers. Rotate products to get a 3D view with the unique Multi touch monitors from Palas.