All our Plastic Desktop TouchScreen Monitors use the world's best touchscreens, made by 3M MicroTouch, USA.
Common Features: Enhanced light transmission, the highest of any touch screen with anti-glare. Speed - MicroTouch SCT3250EX touch screens have the worlds fastest response time. Gentle Touch - touchscreen works even with a very light touch. Durability - MicroTouch screens have been tested to withstand over 225 million touches. Accuracy - Reported touch coordinates are within 1.0% of true position. Performance unaffected by everyday environmental contaminants, such as dirt, dust, grease, liquids.
3M M1500SS / M1700SS

Product Highlights
  • 15" / 17" Display
  • Touch stability
  • Adjust and locking mechanism
  • High brightness display option
  • Locking OSD
  • Cable management
  • POS peripheral attachment
  • DVI Capability
  • SCT3250EX touch system

Available in sizes From 30cm (15") & 43cm (17")