Palas Single Touch Screen Computer with flange, Touchscreen Computer with flange, India The heart of a Touch Computer is the touch screen, as it is the only contact point between the user and the system. Palas Touch Computers uses technology based on 3M MicroTouch touch screen. All-glass construction provides vandal resistance and durability against scratches. Accurate and durable. Ideal for Indian conditions. Local service ensures high uptime. Available ex-stock in India as Touch Computers are made by Palas in India.
Applications include Process Control, Plant-floor applications, POS, Kiosks and many other demanding areas.

Product Highlights
  • Uses a metal frame. Meant for harsh environments (high temperatures, dust, vibration)
  • Easy mounting - Can be used inside kiosk, fixed to a wall, or integrated into machinery
  • Various color options and finishes
  • Uses the 3M MicroTouch ClearTek Touch screen
  • Optional ToughTouch strengthened screen for vandal-prone areas
Touch Screen Computer, Touchscreen Computer, India